Congratulations to Everyone Who Helped Pass Boulder’s New Bear Resistant Trash Ordinance!

What a huge success and one which would not have been possible without all the help of the Boulder Bear Coalition members who worked diligently with City Council, Colorado Department of Wildlife, wildlife biologists, bear protection groups throughout the United States and local businesses and communities to gain unanimous support from the city to enact this new law.

Thus far, this is the largest city to require such a large area of the city to store trash and compost in bear-resistant polycarts and dumpsters. Boulder is setting an important example and we hope other cities will be inspired to work with us to improve black bear’s lives throughout the U.S.

It is not a perfect solution as bears will continue to use urban areas for shelter amongst trees and for readily available water that flows through ditches from the foothills to urban neighborhoods. However securing trash will reduce a major attractant that has continued to bring bears into town in search of easily available food over the last several years.

A HUGE BEAR HUG to all who helped support such an important effort in creating awareness (and more importantly action) in our community and local government!

For more information on the new law, see: