Join us for an important community/CPW meeting 

BBC is hosting a virtual community meeting on Tuesday 10/7/20, 6-7pm, to discuss the recent relocation of a young cub from the Chautauqua area on Friday 10/2. It is a great opportunity to meet our local CPW Wildlife officers, ask questions and learn about how bears are managed in Boulder. 

Join with Google Meet:

Our Mission:

The Boulder Bear Coalition  implements preventative measures to reduce human-bear conflicts to keep local black bears wild and free and the Boulder community safe. 

BBCs main driver has been to approach Bear Management from the bottom up. Rather than relying on wildlife officers to respond to a crisis of a bear in town,  BBC has focused on educating and empowering the community to keep bears from coming into town (by reducing attractants, increasing deterrents) so that wildlife officers do not need to handle bears in town. For community members who do not reduce the main attractants (unsecured trash) then the city steps in to implement and enforce these laws. A community is built on shared values, and because wildlife is something that most residents in Boulder value, BBC was born from a need to create a cohesive understanding of what we can do, in clear steps, to protect bears and how we can effectively communicate this information to one another.

How to Protect Local Black Bears:

#1 Secure Your Trash

Bears are in town because they are hungry! Please secure your trash by:
1. use a bear resistant trash cart
2. secure your trash cart in a secure area until time of trash pickup

#2 Report Trash Violations:

All businesses and residents West of Broadway are required to use bear resistant trash carts to prevent bears from getting into trash. If you see trash strewn or cans not latched, please use Inquire App to report the violation -it could save a bear’s life!

inquire app imageinquireappleinquireandroidimage

#3 Take down birdfeeders

#4 Harvest your fruit

For help harvesting fruit, contact Community Fruit Rescue

Sierra Magazine article about BBC’s role in bear management in Boulder:


Boulder Bear Coalition, a video summary:


6 thoughts on “

  1. Transparent accountability is a must. Whenever a bear is sited in my North Boulder area and wildlife management is called, I have no idea what action was taken. They should not be able to kill a bear without public input.

  2. Hi, I live in the Table Mesa area and I’m interested in possibly starting to raise bees. Would you advise against doing this? I’m concerned that the hives will attract bears. Do you think this is a possibility?

    • Hi Vanessa,
      I am so sorry that I am responding so late to your question!

      For bees we highly recommend installing an electric fence around the beehives. They are simple to install, and not expensive and very effective. However, the ordinance in Boulder is quite outdated and may or may not be allowed. I know of many people who do have electric fencing around their beehives and they have just operated it without any issues from the city, but I believe it has been kind of under the radar. Because if this we are currently working with the city to make changes to the ordinance in order to protect bears from going after livestock as well as beehives and chickens.

      You are correct that it could very well attract a bear. And it is so good to hear that you are being proactive about protecting the bears. I would happy to share information that I get from the city about electric fencing. Let me know if you would like me to send you information as we gather it.

      Happy Holidays and thanks for caring about the bears!
      Brenda Lee

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