In the News


SIERRA: The national magazine of the Sierra Club

Boulder Bear Coalition in the News


To the rescue: Boulder nonprofit keeps urban fruit from wasting; Boulder Daily Camera, October 09, 2021
Better Living with Bears; SIERRA: The national magazine of the Sierra Club, February 26, 2019
Home Town Heroes; Brenda Lee and Odile Fazioni are Boulder’s Hometown Heroes; City of Boulder Newsletter: June/July 2017 Issue, Page 11
Bear necessities: Sitters help keep an eye on Boulder’s furry visitors; October 28, 2016
New area wildlife manager Kris Middledorf struck by community’s devotion to conservation, wildlife; Steamboat Pilot&Today, September 28, 2016
Brenda Lee: Boulder Should Institute Proactive Bear Management; November 20, 2015


KDNK Interview: Coloradans Face Rising Bear Activity June, 2018
KGNU Interview: Bear Killing and Community Meeting Story; September 21, 2017
KGNU Interview: BBC and Community Fruit Rescue; September 01, 2016
KGNU Interview; Bear Forum; April 08, 2016


Fox News: Coalition believes we’ll see more bears in Boulder this fall; September 21, 2018
Casey TV; September 26, 2016
KPJR-TV 38; “Joy in Our Town”; May 04, 2016
Boulder group goes on trash patrol to protect bears; Fox31, September 30, 2015


Community Group Saving Bears, One Trash Can at a Time, Boulder Daily Camera. Sep 24, 2015



Colorado and Boulder Bears News


Wildlife officials: Euthanized Boulder bear was sitting under tree, not showing fear; Daily Camera, September 22, 2017
Western Towns Try to Stop Hungry Bears From Causing Havoc; The Pew Charitable Trusts, September 18, 2017

Off target Part 8: What’s in a name? Lawsuit challenges state’s predator plans ‘scientific research’ credentials; Boulder Weekly, August 31, 2017
Attempt to relocate bear and two cubs ends in mama bear’s death outside Colorado Springs; The Gazette, August 10, 2017
Wildlife officials capture, kill bear following attack in Boulder County; Denver 7; July 10, 2017
Off target, Part 7: New study and information appear to delegitimize CPW’s predator control plans; Boulder Weekly, June 29, 2017
Off target, Part 6: Bears were relocated into area where state is now killing bears; Boulder Weekly; June 01, 2017
Off target, Part 5: New potential motives for the killing of bears and mountain lions emerge;  Boulder Weekly, May 11, 2017
A 6-year study of Colorado bears is upending assumptions about their encounters with humans; Denver Post,  April 2, 2017
Off target Part 4: WildEarth Guardians file injunction to halt CPW’s predator management plans; Boulder Weekly, March 30, 2017
Steamboat bears waking up, time to secure trash; Steamboat Today, March 29, 2017
Off target Part 3: CPW and the oil and gas industry can’t have it both ways; Boulder Weekly, March 16, 2017
Numbers Game: Does subtracting predators add up to an increased number of fawns?; Telluride News, the Watch,  March 9, 2017
Survival of the fittest, A Parks and Wildlife study aims to increase mule deer numbers by killing black bears and mountain lions; Telluride News, the Watch, March 2, 2017
Off target Part 2 Update: Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission predator management plans:  Commission asked to delay killing of mountain lions and bears in the name of sound science; Boulder Weekly, February 23, 2017
Off target Part 1: Are mountain lions and bears about to be killed for the sins of the oil and gas industry?; Boulder Weekly, February 9, 2017
New Mexico legislation would spare some bears that attack; KRQE News 13, January 16, 2017 


Colorado embarks on experimental “predator control” killing of more lions and bears to try to save dwindling deer; Denver Post, December 14, 2016
Bear necessities: Sitters help keep an eye on Boulder’s furry visitors; October 28, 2016
Colorado may euthanize more bears and lions to try to boost dwindling deer numbers; Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials want to try “predator control” push to help deer; October 22, 2016
Colorado trackers find bears crisscross city, even when berries abundant; October 17, 2016
Bear visits farm south of Longmont; October 05, 2016
New area wildlife manager Kris Middledorf struck by community’s devotion to conservation, wildlife; Steamboat Pilot&Today, September 28, 2016
Boulder issues 200 citations since June on trash law geared to bears; August 14, 2016
Boulder tabbed as pilot for euthanasia alternatives program; May 23, 2016
Bear season returns, and Boulder prepares to bolster trash defense; May 11, 2016
Boulder not bullish on bill that would expand Colorado’s bear hunting season;February 20, 2016
Boulder considering GPS collars to track several bears in town; January 13, 2016
Legislators ready their bills for 2016 session; January 09, 2016


Brenda Lee: Boulder Should Institute Proactive Bear Management; November 20, 2015
Boulder cubs orphaned after 317’s death relocated to Wyoming border; October 09, 2015
Unnecessary Boulder Bear Killing Challenges Anthrozoology; October 09, 2015
Boulder bear No. 317 killed; 2 cubs also captured; October 08, 2015
Video of Newlands TrashCan Tipping Bear; October 01, 2015
FOX News Video: Boulder group goes on trash patrol to protect bears; September 30, 2015
Killing No. 317: The story of a Boulder bear out of strikes; September 26, 2015
Kristin Cannon: Only change is number of bears in town; September 26, 2015
Daily Camera interview with Brenda Lee, Boulder Bear Coalition video; September 24, 2015
Beverly Gholson: Colorado Parks and Wildlife quietly changed bear policy; September 12, 2015
Video Mama bear, 2 cubs in Boulder; September 09, 2015
Boulder steps up trash enforcement during busy bear season; September 02, 2015
Wildlife rangers relocate four bears… August 27, 2015
Boulder, be bear aware… August 25, 2015
Bear climbs tree in Boulder near 6th and Alpine; August 24, 2015
Boulder Heights subdivision ‘plagued’ by bear break-ins: August 01, 2015
Bear breaks into Colorado bakery…: July 16, 2015
‘Falling bear’ 2.0: Bear in tree at CU-Boulder tranquilized…: July 10, 2015
Wildlife officials euthanize a rising number of Colorado bears: April 9, 2015
GJ lawmaker Willett eyes legislation for bear hunting; March 31, 2015
The Latest From the Legislative Loonies: ‘A Good Bear is a Dead Bear!; March 3, 2015


Boulder Bear Protection Ordinance Goes Into Effect This Week; September 29, 2014
Boulder prepares for bear-resistant trash enforcement; September 28, 2014
Boulder sets Oct. 1 enforcement date for bear-resistant trash cans; August 1, 2014
Boulder’s bear-resistant trash cans rolling out more slowly than expected; July 15, 2014
Bear cub gets trapped, dies in north Boulder backyard pool; July 15, 2014
Wildlife officials: Early season euthanization of 2 bears in Boulder, Loveland ‘concerning; June 16, 2014
Boulder entrepreneur sees opportunity in city’s bear-resistant trash requirements; June 2, 2015
Young bear spotted in Broomfield tranquilized and relocated Tuesday morning; May 27, 2014
Boulder issues rules for making trash bear-resistant; May 01, 2014
Boulder: Roll-out of required bear-resistant trash cans not likely until June; April 21, 2014
Boulder Council Approves Bear-Proof Trash Can Ordinance; March 05, 2014
Boulder’s bear-resistant trash cans to roll out this spring; March 05, 2014
Boulder gives initial approval to bear-resistant trash cans; February 18, 2014
Boulder to require bear-resistant trash cans in alleys west of Broadway; January 21, 2014
Bears give ‘resistant’ products a bruising test; January 20, 2014
Boulder City Council lays out vision…; January 13, 2014
Western ups fees by $2.50 for Boulder residents with bear-resistant carts; January 07, 2014



Top 10 local news stories of 2013: No. 9 – Boulder grapples with its bear problem; December 22, 2013
George Narcavage: Bear-proof trashcans won’t solve problem: December 16, 2013
Boulder: More education needed on reasons for bear-proofing trash; December 09, 2013
Boulder seeks feedback on bear-trash policy; December 08, 2013
Boulder seeks feedback on bear-trash policy: Western Disposal: Costs for bear-resistant cans could come down; December 08, 2013
Marilyn Whittaker: New policies to save bears: December 01, 2013
Bear tranquilized near 34th and Iris in Boulder, relocated October 20, 2013
Boulder’s bear protection trash rules to be taken up next year: Talk of special spring election if council doesn’t act; October 15, 2013
Jeff Mitton: A parade of bears through Boulder; October 10, 2013
Cathy Comstock: Stop needless killing of bears; October 09, 2013
Department of Wildlife tranquilizes, moves bear that visits Longmont on Monday; October 07, 2013
Boulder council members urge action on bear-resistant trash cansOctober 02, 2013
Wildlife rangers kill mama bear that swiped at Boulder family’s dog: October 01, 2013
We must stop feeding bears; September 22, 2013
Linda Mohling: Bears — End the two-strikes rule and keep bears alive; September 15, 2013
Evans: Lions and grizzlies and sharks — big deal; September 15, 2013
Paul Whiteside: Implement a no-kill policy for bears; September 14, 2013
Tom Lemieux: Bears — Fine garbage offenders in Boulder; September 14, 2013
Peter K. Scott: Local bear will be missed; September 13, 2013
Linda Palmer: Trash enforcement will save bears; September 12, 2013
Mike Arvey: Have compassion and stop killing bears; September 12, 2013
The bears’ problem: Not enough focus on trash; September 11, 2013
Joan C. Lieberman: Enforce rules to save bears; September 11, 2013
Steve Gaede: The problem with bears is a human problem; September 11, 2013
Michelle Theall: Boulder does a poor job of managing bear encounters: September 10, 2013
2nd bear euthanized near Boulder elementary school; September 09, 2013
Wildlife officials: Boulder residents’ lax trash practices killing bears; September 09, 2013
Wildlife Officers Kill Boulder Bear Near Columbia Cemetery; September 06, 2013
Brenda Lee: Secure your trash to save bears; September 06, 2013
Mother bear, cubs filmed raiding trash on Thursday night, September 06, 2013
Marilyn Whittaker: ‘A fed bear is a dead bear’; September 06, 2013
Boulder bears beat quiet retreat under cover of night;September 03, 2013
Boulder bear, two cubs spend day in University Hill tree, September 03, 2013
Wildlife officers watching a family of bears; September 03, 2013
Wildlife officers kill bear at Eben G. Fine Park, say it entered 2 Boulder homes, May 21, 2013
Do more bears in town signal future bear hunting?,  Denver Post, May 15, 2013
Mama Bear, 2 cubs hang out near Boulder’s UCAR labs, 05/06/13


Bear tranquilized, relocated after climbing tree in Boulder backyard, Sept. 4, 2012
Boulder closes Eben G. Fine Park to wait out bear in tree, August 30, 2012
Boulder’s famous ‘falling bear’ killed on U.S. 36, May 04, 2012
Bear that wandered onto CU campus moved to mountains, April 28, 2012
CU bear never had a chance, April 12, 2012
Warm days bringing Colorado’s bears out of hibernation early, March 24, 2012
Boulder plans pilot program to test bear-resistant trash bins, January 26, 2012


Rangers Kill Injured Mother Bear in Boulder Tree, Sept. 2, 2010
South Boulder bear tranquilized and relocated, June 24, 2008
note: this bear returned and as a result was euthanized.

Videos of Bears in Boulder 

Video of Bear Cub in Boulder Creek; October 14, 2016
Video of Newlands TrashCan Tipping Bear; October 01, 2015
Video Mama bear, 2 cubs in Boulder; September 09, 2015
Mohawk Bear, Newlands, Sept 2012
Bear Wrestling with Trash Can, Sept 2012
Sow and Cubs, North Boulder, Sept 2012
Bear in Hammock, Pine Brook Hills, May 2012
Bears in South Boulder, June 2011
Mesa Trail, Black Bear and Two Cubs, June, 2011
Bear in Boulder, August 2010

National Bear News


Woman Survives Maryland’s First Bear Attack in Decades; November 17, 2016
Startled black bear attacks hunter in Park County; October 24, 2016


Missoula bear activity may increase as food supply dwindles;  October 05, 2015
Summit County officers urge public to consider wildlife after recent bear deaths; September 23, 2015
Estes Park Wildlife Protection Ordinance approved; September 08, 2015
Yosemite Bears Keep Getting Smarter; September 04, 2015
Officers aim to use Tasers on bears at Crater Lake, August 7, 2015
Camping banned at Maroon Bells site near Aspen because of bears, August 5, 2015
Conservation officer suspended for refusing to kill bear cubs; July 7, 2015
Relocating bears doesn’t change people’s behavior; June 25, 2015
Black bear spotted in Indiana for first time in 144 years; June 16, 2015
Scared bear spends week in central Louisiana neighborhood; May 19, 2015
Bear dogs play major role in NDOW bear program; February 13, 2015
Colorado’s bear population presents challenges; February 11, 2015
Wild Boulder: Bears in Our Backyard; January 07, 2015


Ski resort bear released in wild returns to Tahoe; May 06, 2014
Bear Barred From Living Suburban Dream; December 29, 2014
Grizzly bear prompts closure of road in Grand Teton National Park; September 22, 2014
Yellowstone grizzly bears now dine on dandelions instead of trash; September 09, 2014

prior to 2014

Researchers use GPS to study bears, April 2013
Durango Bears tracked using GPS; Oct. 2012
Bears in Mass. tracked with GPS, July 2012
As Bears Multiply, Human Clashes Rise, Wall Street Journal, November 21, 2011
Death of Yosemite bear #583; NPS
Bear from popular New Mexico photo was troublemaker in ’02; Nov. 4, 2011
Bears don’t know the law: Article on Durango bears and trash, June 2011
American black bears are unwanted house guests – David Attenborough -BBC wildlife 6. Breaking and Entering – Bear Crime – BBC Animals
The Artful Dodger -Bear Crime -BBC Animals
Socially learned foraging behavior in wild black bears: research study, October 2007
PBS Nature show: Bears of the Last Frontier
Jogger Injured by Black Bear in Crazy Canyon, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks News, July 29, 2011


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